Childbirth Kits & Services

Hope this website finds you well! Maybe you are pregnant and growing a healthy baby, maybe you are a Grandma who is super excited to meet the baby or maybe you are a friend overjoyed to spread love.

Hi! My name is Tamra Winfield-Pace, Registered Nurse,  Childbirth Educator, Doula and proud mama of two children. During my twenty years of birthing experience I have been listening and know what every mama needs and deserves for her childbirth year.

For pregnancy, childbirth and post partum pampering, I have carefully selected products that can be used for a healthy pregnancy, a positive birthing experience and smooth post partum time.

These kits make wonderful baby shower gifts, something a new Mama will use and appreciate. She deserves the best and a little love just for her this time...

​​​​​ Comfort Kits

Designed to aid a healthy, happy pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum experience.

​​​​​ Doula Services

We promote positive, loving, family centered, empowering childbirth experiences.

​​​​​ Consult with an RN

Important for the soon-to-be mama to be heard & empowered to make decisions.