Hot Water Bottle with Cover

Fill with hot water and it will remain hot for up to 5 hours. 
This ancient remedy provides relief and healing. 

Use during pregnancy on aches and pains, uterine growth aches or back pain. Use during birth for relief from contractions on lower abdominal area or on lower back, also neck and shoulders. 

This penetrating heat dilates blood vessels and will help relieve tightness and pressure from bones softening, muscles working and the baby descending. 

For post partum it is ​​​​​​​wonderful for any aches and pains, plugged ducts, mastitis that can happen while breastfeeding.

​​​​​​​Another nice bonus- they work anywhere, no need for electrical plugs and that's a good thing!  The cover is inspiring to look at and creates that cozy feeling.

Coconut Water

Full of electrolytes such as Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and Sodium Chloride for the childbirth year and vital for labor & delivery. It is refreshing and tastes good.


Your delicious spot of honey. When you need a pick me up during a hard day during pregnancy, a sugar to keep you going in birth and encouraging for the pushing phase. A spoonful of honey or bit in your tea will bring you a spark of energy.

Iron Supplement

Iron Supplement that your body can easily absorb and gain strength from during fatigue or anemia you may suffer from during pregnancy or post partum. Way more effective than those little green pills you may have been prescribed. Remember your blood volume increases by 40-50% during pregnancy, building up your blood to give birth. It is fruit and vegetables based and yummy straight or in a smoothie. Please refrigerate after opening.

Herbal Salve

Amazing for tons of ailments! Bumps and bruises, great for nipple cream sore from feedings. Help lubricate if you are using the breast milk pump. And of course baby bottoms for diaper rash. Calendula is the third ingredient and is a miracle worker herb.

Breast Gel Pads

Really helps with nipple soreness, cracking and bleeding that can happen. Babies suckle reflex is amazingly strong and a proper latch is vital but we can be sore in the beginning and these save breasts. Refrigerate when not wearing and putting a cool gel pad on feels oh so good! One pair usually last for 24 hours.

Herbal Sitz Bath

These 6 pads are used to help those perineums heal and feel better after giving birth! You can use them in a 'sitz bath' basin from the hospital, put one in a short bath at home or you can use this herbal concoction to make your own 'padsicles'. The herbs promote tissue regrowth and healing.


Pregnancy Tea helps strengthen and tone the uterus for the growth during pregnancy. It also aides blood circulation and blood pressure readying the uterus and body for the big day.  Mother Milk Tea helps promote nutritious colostrum and milk production. It helps the supply and volume of milk as well.

You can enjoy it hot, cold or iced, yummm!!!​​​​​​​

Ginger Chews

Wonderful light snack that can help with nausea and indigestion during pregnancy. Great pick me up in labor that may help nausea.


Wonderful for massage during pregnancy, birth, post-partum and in life! Try when using on acupressure points to promote labor. Touch soothes laboring women in many ways. Massage brings oxygen to your muscles, helps you to relax and aides soreness.

Aromatherapy Mister

Spray in air around face and breathe deeply. Spray on a damp wash cloth and keep up by nose, face or chest area and breath slow and soft. 

Lavender Mister

Lavender strengthens contractions while dulling discomforts, helps release oxytocin and endorphins. Not only is lavender one of births best friends, it is a strong antimicrobial-bacterial-viral-spasmodic-inflammatory, immune system 
supporter, reduces itchiness, reduces anxiety, is relaxing & balancing.

Rose Mister

Relax, refresh and feel happy! Rose helps with stretch marks, sleep, depression and my favorite: rose enhances uterine activity while helping with the intensity and pains of childbirth. It is known to speed up contractions during labor and helps aid in the pushing stage. It has a cleansing effect on the uterus. Smells delightful and helps in so many ways.

Papaya Enzymes

Helpful for heartburn, acid reflux and aides in digestion without all the chemical fillers of Tum type medications. Tried and true that they work before, during or after a meal. They are chewable and delicious, leave your breath smelling fresh.

Lip Balm

Breathing is your best friend in birth, the more you breathe the more you relax and the more you breathe the more lip balm you need!  Plus it just makes you feel good!

Pain Spray

A must have for 'charley-horses', leg spasms and cramps during pregnancy. Very helpful during the pushing stage of birth for hip or leg cramps that occur. Also great for sore backs, muscles, joints from birthing, holding and feeding baby.

Energy Chews

Good pick me up during labor, has electrolytes that the body needs for birth. They are small and a quick 'clear liquid' that tastes yummy like a candy.

Each Comfort Kit includes all-natural organic products for soon to be Mamas.

Comfort Kit Contents